“Are you obsessed with gaming?” (Entertainment and Recreation)

• Introductionicon

Previously, we discussed the e-book. There is another topic that people always discuss. Is digital technology very important in your daily life? How do you use the digital technology to entertain yourself? As entertainments include different kinds of stuff such as social networking (Facebook, YouTube) and digital gaming (PS4, NDS). Yet, focusing on gaming, are you obsessed with it?


• History of games

In the past, people just played the traditional games, that’s hide-and-seek, ball games, and Kith Kith. In the late 90s, the digital technology is growing up and people started to have gameboys, and laptops. In the early 00s, the technology advancement is changing so fast and it developed the PS4 and NDS. Until now, we are in the digital world and people would have their own digital gaming such as Xbox, WII, 3D glasses and play station, even smartphones, online games, and applications. We can choose anythings we like.


• Pros

The aspect of personal, the advantages of digital gaming can feel relaxing. According to the research, there are 73% interviewees used smartphone and tablet to play digital games and reflects people play games when they are stressful and bored.


Besides, there are 85% interviewees agreed that playing digital games can reduce their stress. As Hong Kongers live in the fast-speed city, they may want to play games rather than doing exercises at home.

What’s more, the aspect of business, the development of gaming industry can boost the economy quickly.


In our global games market, according to the data, all digital games that including handheld games, and tablet games . It shows the total revenue of the gaming industry gained $91.5 billions in 2015. As more and more types of games are developing, as well as many people would buy many digital games. So, the booming economy is increasing till now.

• Cons

The aspect of personal, people who obsessed on gaming may affect their healthy problems. As seen from the graphic, no matter teenagers or adults, people play digital games in a long period of time would appear the physically and mentally impacted. The game requires the real-time action, and players want to win the competition. Players will feel nervous and always use the same fingers to replace these actions. It would appear the problem with their hands. Also, they suppress their emotional response to cope with their anxiety.


Another disadvantage of obsession with gaming, it may affect the social interaction because spending many hours in front of a screen can cause social problems that gamers becoming introvert and don’t know how to communicate and express with others, even their family. After that,  many of the games involve more violent, leading gamers with the tendency to lose control and become more aggressive. These are the cons of people who obsessed with gaming.

• My viewpoint

Although I don’t play the digital games, there is no doubt that digital technology is essential in our life. Without the digital games to entertain people in the leisure time, it looks like they lost the value of survival. But, I do not agree that people can be an obsession on gaming and give up their academic or career as obsession on gaming will cause permanent damage to the body. In the contrast, we should use them suitably.

For teenagers, I recommend that parents must set up a timetable to control the time for teenagers spend on gaming. For instance, specifies how much time children to play digital games and encourage them to finish homework before they play games. REMEMBER, we need to have enough rest when we play games because health is very important!

• Reference

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