“Can e-book be efficient for students to learn in Hong Kong?” (Education and Learning)

• Introductione-book

Most of the people may discuss the e-book can be efficient for students to learn or not. Before starting this topic, e-book (electronic book) is the textbook made available in digital form on the electronic devices. The research of scholars predicted many foreign countries would not use the traditional learning model, that’s using printed books, but with e-books to enable for students to learn in the future. So, can Hong Kong takes advantage of developing the e-book for students to learn?


• Detail

Studying by using the e-book, every student must have their own electronic devices such as smartphones, and laptops. According to Public Opinion Programme, the data mentions each family has an average number of laptop /computer is 2.5 and the smartphone is 3.2. It reflects Hong Kong’s technology and development is mature enough for students to learn via the e-books. In the same time, there are many pros and cons of using e-books.


print-is-dying-ereaders-start-slaughtering-print-book-sales_50290fc3284ec_w450_h600• Pros

In the surface, the direct benefit of using e-books can save time. Information is searchable within the e-book and some articles and websites would highlight the keywords. It is very convenient and efficient for students as they can read the relevant information they want. So, students can read e-books at anytime and anywhere.


Deep down, the higher aspect of using e-books can enhance the interactions. E-books are many functions, including audio, video, and animations. Students can feel fun during using the online dictionary and watching the interesting animations when they misunderstand vocabulary words and pronunciation. It can improve their capacity for study as e-books look like a teacher who corrects student’s mistakes. In consequence, e-book can improve the efficiency of student learning.


• Cons

E-books instead of printed books, it may affect student’s vision. Students need to watch the electronic screen at school and home. It is a long period of using the electronic devices. And, if students are not enough eye movement and relaxation, it will make students visually impaired and myopia.


In addition, it may affect student’s concentration on the study. Electronic devices include iPad or iPhone. Besides the e-book, there are many applications, such as games app, and movies app. Students would be easy to divert their attention and prolong the study time because it can attract students to play in class and browse other entertainment websites. In consequence, e-book can’t improve the efficiency of student learning.


• My viewpoint

Summary all the advantages and disadvantages, I agree that e-book can be efficient for students to learn in Hong Kong as e-books are useful and involve many functions. Thus, if I can’t catch up in the class and understand teacher’s explanation, e-books can help me to grab an attention and teach the correct knowledge to me. Also, it can let me feel interested when I study. Also, most of the students would learn the knowledge actively by themselves.


Basic on the research, I think it is an opportunity for developing e-book and make it more popular, as well as Hong Kong is an high-technology society and enough resources to help the primary and secondary schools in order to encourage most of schools participate in it.

 • Reference

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√ News

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